About Us

About Us

What Is Anchor Conzult Limited?

Anchor Conzult Limited is the recruitment company that specialises in providing workers who will satisfy your employment needs. We have well qualified and experienced staff who are friendly, punctual and are committed to providing a high standard of service, which reflects our desire to establish excellent working relations with our clients so that all parties concerned benefit greatly.

Why Choose Us?

There are several benefits we provide, and which are enjoyed by all our clients:

    1. We operate a 24-hour service, seven days a week
    2. When in need of staff, we will respond quickly and efficiently to your requests
    3. we employ experienced and well qualified staff with, at least two references.
    4. We have strict confidentiality policies
    5. We adhere to all legal legislation
    6. We process your account accurately and speedily
    7. we set high standards and constantly monitor and measure our performances
    8. We welcome comments and feedback which can help to improve our services
    9. We carry out police checks (where necessary) on all our employees
    10. We employ only the best; therefore, all our staff will be able to fulfil your needs

Quality Control and Staff Monitoring

We take pride in satisfying customers and in delivering quality in all of our various services. We monitor the quality level of our service in the following ways:

  1. We will always meet with new clients to introduce ourselves and ensure that we understand what their needs are.
  2. Once we have matched an appropriate staff with a new client, we will always follow up on the placement and ensure that the client is happy with the staff.
  3. Our consultants are available 24hrs a day to discuss any concerns that clients may have.
  4. Spot checks are also carried out either by telephoning our client to check on the staff performance, or by paying a visit on an agreed day and time to personally check staff performance.
  5. Our staff enjoy quarterly appraisals in which their performance, training and career objectives are discussed as well as any concerns they might have.

We offer quality services at affordable prices to our clients. We regularly seek feedback on our services to ensure continuous improvements through repeated contracts.

Equal Opportunities

Anchor Conzult Limited operates an equal opportunities policy.

    1. We believe in the principle of working towards equal opportunity in employment.
    2. We ensure that our staff and job applicants are placed solely on their qualifications and experience they offer


The aim of our policy is to ensure that no job applicant or employee receives less than favourable treatment on the grounds of colour, race, gender, nationality, religion or ethnic origin, nor is in any way disadvantaged by conditions or requirements which are not essential for carrying out the role at hand.


Anchor Conzult Limited observes that the commission for racial equality is the code of practice for employment as approved by Parliament in 1983. All staff are instructed on our Equal Opportunities Policy during training and initial interviews.

Company Compliance and Memberships

Anchor Conzult Limited complies with:

  1. The race relations act 1976
  2. The sex discrimination act 1975
  3. The equal pay acts 1975
  4. The disabled persons act

And are members of the REC and has been approved by CIS.

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