Career Management

Career Management

Career Management involves a lifelong self monitored process of career planning that involves choosing and setting personal goals and formulating strategies for achieving them.

Career Management has both immediate and long term benefits:

  1. Achieving higher salary
  2. Improving your marketability
  3. Enhancing job satisfaction and interests
  4. Positioning yourself for future job opportunities

At Anchor Conzult Limited will assist you to proactively manage your career development so that you will be prepared when opprortunities present themselves.

We will help you develop your career by:

  1. Working with you to determine the career path you want to follow.
  2. Identifying your key skills and experiences.
  3. Devising a practical career action plan.
  4. Maximising opportunities within your current organisation.
  5. Marketing your skills to potential employers.
  6. Enhancing your salary negotiation skills to ensure that you are being remunerated appropriately.
  7. Reviewing your strategic action plan to ensure your career goals remains on-track and are able to accommodate unforeseen changes

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Career Management

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