We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction and delivering quality in all of our various services We monitor the quality level of our service in the following ways:
Anchor Conzult Limited will always meet with new clients to introduce ourselves and ensure that we are clear as to exactly what their needs are.
Once we have matched an appropriate staff with a new client, we will always follow up on that placement by contacting the client to ensure that they are happy with the staff and that everything went well. Our consultants are available 24hrs a day to discuss any concerns that clients may have Spot checks are also carried out by way of either telephoning our client to check whether the staff arrived on time, or by paying a visit on an agreed day and time to personally inspect performance Our staffs enjoy quarterly appraisal in which their performance, training and career objectives are discussed as well as any concerns they might have.


There are several benefits we provide and which are enjoyed by all our clients:

  1. We operate a 24 hour service, seven days a week
  2. We have strict confidentiality policy
  3. We adhere to all legal legislation
  4. We process your account accurately and speedily
  5. We set high Standards and constantly monitor and measure our performances
  6. We address queries immediately
  7. We welcome comments they may wish to offer that can help to improve our services
  8. We make police check (where necessary) on our employees



We offer quality services – that is our ‘watchword’ – at affordable prices to our clients. We regularly seek feedback on our services to ensure continuous improvements through repeated contracts.



  1. We are local, as such, are able to provide staff promptly even at short notice
  2. We only need a 1 hr phone call ahead of time in order for us to supply staff.
  3. We provide an efficient and effective service
  4. We operate a strict confidentiality policy
  5. We maintain very high standards of professionalism at all times
  6. We welcome any comments you may wish to offer that can help to improve our service
  7. We are reliable and dependable
  8. We employ experienced and qualified staff with, at least, two references.
  9. We carry out police checks, now CRB (where necessary)
  10. We employ only the best so, we only send the best worker to fulfill your needs

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