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FAQs Related To Health Services

a) Live-In Care

This is where one of our professionally trained carers lives with you in your own home full-time, seven days a week. So there is always care on-hand whenever you need it. 24 hour live-in care is a wonderful, welcome alternative to residential care. No upheaval, no disruption and allows you to be independent, stay close to friends, keep pets and most importantly maintain all your hobbies and interests.

With our live-in care service, you benefit from our wealth of experience in the care sector and on-going support from our team. Our live-in care is a bespoke service, completely tailored to your needs. We begin by one of our experienced team visiting you at your home, listening carefully to your needs and we then establish a comprehensive assessment of how we can help. We’ll match you with one of our carefully selected and professionally trained carers and once we have introduced you, you’ll have the on-going advice and support from our office team. You also have the full confidence and knowledge that we are fully regulated and regularly inspected by the Care Quality Commission.

We offer a two-tier live-in service. The first is Introductory Care, where one of our team will visit you at home and carry out a thorough assessment of your needs. We will then introduce you to one of our live-in carers and you will then manage their employment. All of our carers are fully trained and vetted and we spend time matching you with just the right carer to live with you in your home. With this service, you’ll also receive on-going support and advice from our in-house office team.

We also have a Managed Live-in Care Service where one of our team will visit you at home and create a bespoke personal support plan, designed just for you. We will then match you to one of our professional carers where we carefully select someone we think will suit your lifestyle. You will also benefit from the on-going support of a dedicated care manager who will be at the end of the phone if you need someone to talk to and we will also provide local back up and support from our field based supervisors if your carer is ill or needs the support of our team.

With our Introductory Live-in care Service, we match and introduce you to your carer, you pay them directly and provide them with your daily routine. Each carer works for a defined period usually for up to eight weeks and then hands over to a replacement in accordance with a booking schedule, managed by one of our dedicated care managers.

Carers are self-employed and handle their own tax and National Insurance contributions. Trinity invoices you solely for an introduction fee.

We find this service tends to be used by people who are able to manage their own care and whose needs are more about companionship or smaller amounts of personal care. If you require more than this, our Managed Live-in Care Plan may be more suitable, as under this service we are unable to influence your care or manage personal support plans.

Yes of course. We have many male and female live-in carers. If you have a preference, please do let our team know.

Yes. We can provide you with as much care as you need. For example, if you have just left hospital and need round the clock support while you are recovering, we are more than willing to help. We can also help with respite care, where we give your regular carer a break.

This is also short-term and temporary live-in care at home. It means we can step in and give your full-time carer a break whenever they may need it. As always, we would provide a comprehensive assessment of your needs so that we can simply walk into your home and take over all the responsibility and tasks your carer does on a daily basis.

With our experience in the care sector, we have seen that having a dedicated carer in your home, who totally understands you and your needs, brings great reassurance and peace of mind.

Our live-in carers are there to provide you with all the support you need whether that is live-in home help, as in supporting you with the odd jobs around the home or more hands on personal care, like help with bathing and dressing and supporting you with your morning or night time routine. They will also help you get out and about shopping, going up to medical and hospital appointments and keeping up with family and friends.

Some of our live-in carers are drivers and will be happy to drive you wherever you need to go. If you use our Introductory Live-in service and wish your live-in carer to use your car, we would advise you to inspect their driving licence and driving history to ensure that it covers driving your car and that they are permitted to drive. You will also need to arrange for them to be insured under your own insurance at your own cost.

Our live-in carers will help with all personal care, (like washing, dressing and supporting morning and night time routines), supervision of medication, helping with odd jobs, cleaning, cooking and companionship. However nursing care, such as wound care, injections, suppositories and the likes, are not services we provide.

It’s not just elderly people who can benefit from live-in care. We also offer Personal Assistants for younger people too.

  • assistance with everyday routines (getting up, washed, dressed and out of your home)
  • Company for you in your everyday living (e.g. transportation, getting to work or visiting clubs)
  • Support with your nutrition and dietary needs (e.g. meal preparation and feeding if required)
  • Prompting or administering medication (if required)
  • Support around your home environment with housekeeping and domestic tasks
  • Engaging company and companionship
  • Someone who will visit you, really listen and take the time to understand you and your needs
  • Someone who is matched to suit your needs and personality
  • Comprehensive and rigorous recruitment of our personal assistants
  • Specialist training of assistants where required
  • Ongoing supervision, support and appraisal of our team of personal assistants
  • Accessible support 24 hours and day, 7 days a week with our on call service
  • A fully managed and regulated service by the Care Quality Commission

Working out the cost of your live-in care can be confusing but with the experience of working in the care sector, our team have a wealth of knowledge and experience and take great pride in being open and flexible according to your budget.

Needing care no longer automatically means needing a care home and you may be pleasantly surprised at what you could be eligible for in terms of local funding to remain at home. Our team are adept at negotiating the various government and local agencies to help you manage your care on a tight budget.

The cost of a live-in carer will vary according to your circumstances but with a budget of around £850 per week, remaining at home becomes a cost effective solution compared with the cost of residential care or a nursing home. And of course, if you’re a couple, sharing the one-to-one attention of a live-in carer at home, makes even more financial sense.

The cost of live-in care will, of course, vary depending on which of our services you are considering. For example, if you decide to opt for our Introductory Care service, the cost of live-in care will be made up of your carer’s fee (which you negotiate with them directly), their travel expenses, and our fee for setting up, managing and maintaining your Introductory service. This service is more suitable for those able to manage their own routine but if your needs are more comprehensive, our Managed Care Service, which offers more support may be more suitable.

If you are beginning the journey into the world of care, give us a call today and let one of our experienced team guide you through your options.

You will need to have a suitable, furnished, warm, secure, and private room for your carer to live-in with you. As your carer may spend their breaks and downtime in their room; it is nice for them to have furnishings such as a comfortable bed, bedside table, chest of drawers, wardrobe, an armchair, desk and television where possible.

We suggest that the carer’s room is lockable or if this is not possible, that there is a safe place for them to keep their personal belongings and valuables. They are also advised to keep your home secure by locking windows and doors as per your instructions and are instructed not to invite their own friends and family to visit them at your home.

Although the carer lives in your home, they are not expected to care 24 hours a day. A typical day will be broken into contact/work time and non- contact/downtime, based around your daily routines and preferences. On average, a carer may typically work 8-10 hours a day. In order to comply with employment law regulations, your carer will require a minimum two-hour break in every working day. During this time they must be free to leave your home. On average, most carers will work six and a half or seven days a week.

b) Domiciliary Home Care/Hourly Domiciliary Care

Our hourly domiciliary care service means you can stay in the comfort of your own home, while our team of carers will support you with personal care like bathing and dressing, reminding you to take your medication and simply helping you out with odd jobs around the house. They can also take you to hospital and medical appointments, pop to the shops, cook you dinner and even remember to feed and walk your pets!

Whether you need someone to pop in once a week or someone to help you with your daily morning or night time routine, for more information, check out our hourly care at home service or give one of our team a call. We would love to hear from you.

All of our hourly carers undergo a rigorous recruitment and training programme and we only work with carers who are totally committed to the job. The training has been specially designed by Louange Support Services trainers, who have all been carers themselves and know exactly what it means to provide the best possible hands on and heartfelt hourly care. We also encourage all our carers to develop their skills and we often review their progress with on the spot checks to see how they’re doing.

All our hourly carers have not one, but two rigorous interviews. They will have undergone psychological testing to make sure they have the right temperament for the job and we always ask for and talk to at least two referees. We also ensure all our carers have completed a Disclosure and Barring Service check.

For as little as £50, one of our carers can pop in once, or twice a week to take you out for a coffee or make sure you’ve taken your medication. Many of our clients start with a relatively small amount of hourly care to begin with, as they get to know our team and build close relationships. We believe good care starts and ends with companionship but as your needs increase, (or decrease) we can develop our support in different ways.

We are open and flexible and we are used to working with many different budgets. It is all about creating a care plan that works for you. Why not call one of our team today to find out more.

Using an hourly care agency like Louange Support Services, you will see we bring a vast amount of experience, understanding and local knowledge. When you have been in the care business as long as we have, you know immediately who to pick up the phone to. If you need help with any aspect of your care, we are only too happy to help. Our team of carers are all professionally trained and we do all the reference checking, interviewing and managing of your care, so you don’t have to. We also provide back-up carers, so if for any reason your usual hourly carer can not make it, we will make sure someone else can cover.
With an agency like Louange Support Services, it’s all about providing peace of mind for you and your family.

We provide hourly care services in Gravesend, Dartford, Greenhithe, Higham to name a few.

To find out if we provide hourly home care in your neighbourhood, give one of our team a call. We’d love to hear from you.

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