What is Personalization?

Personalisation is an approach which is being adopted across the UK by health and social care providers, local authorities, health trusts and others.

It is all about making sure the people who need care or support take control and make choices about the kind of life they would like to have and the support they need to achieve it. It means that we, as a service provider, are accountable to our clients and strive to ensure that we provide what the person wants and needs as an individual.

Some useful tools for a personalised support package are:

Self-assessments – give you the opportunity to assess your own care and support needs
Individual or personal budgets – enable you to make your own decisions about how your care and/or support is delivered.

Direct payments – give you money in lieu of services and so allow you greater choice and control over how your individual or personal budget is spent.

We believe all people have the potential to find their own solutions given the right support. Our supported living staff work alongside individuals to help them take control, overcome challenges and fulfil their aspirations.

Support plans include:

  • What is important to the client
  • What kind of life they would like
  • What they want to change
  • What they would like to achieve
  • What they are going to do
  • How they would like to be supported
  • The number of support hours to be provided each week
  • What and how support will be provided by Sanctuary Supported Living and other agencies
  • How the plan will be reviewed and how frequently.

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