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Care Taker

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A Caretaker keeps schools, premises, or office complex’s clean and often is responsible for the opening and closing. The Caretaker may be responsible for keeping a running inventory of all cleaning supplies and submitting purchasing requests when supplies get low. The successful candidate will be required to respond to repair calls for such activities as replacing a broken light, cleaning up a non-toxic spill and removing damaged office furniture.

Responsibilities may include

  1. Use cleaning supplies and equipment to keep the interior of the office building looking clean and professional
  2. Respond to repair requests quickly and with a professional manner
  3. Maintain a library of user manuals for office furniture and fixtures that can be referred to when needed
  4. Adhere to the company’s safety policies to create a safe work environment for everyone
  5. Perform routing cleaning tasks based on a schedule created by the facility management team
  6. We are seeking an individual who ideally has experience in the industry and is committed


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Care Taker

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