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The ideal candidate for this position will be a natural leader who always has a finger on the pulse of current culinary trends in line with current dietary requirements. The Chef will be responsible for assigning work in the kitchen, preparing meals for diners, interviewing and training staff, kitchen inventory management and partnering with other cooks to come up with delectable new dishes to potentially add to the menu.

Responsibilities may include:

  1. Managing relationships with distributors and resolving issues with vendors promptly
  2. Following the budget established by the superior manager
  3. Ensure safety and sanitation practices in the kitchen
  4. Manage kitchen staff and delegate tasks related to meal prep, cooking and delivering food to diners in a timely fashion
  5. Maintain the schedule for kitchen staff
  6. Monitor food and staff costs
  7. Keep up with industry trends and potentially create new recipes in collaboration with other chefs

We are seeking an individual that ideally has experience in the industry and is committed

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