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Teaching Assistant

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Job Description

We’re looking for a teaching assistant to help with the general supervision and management of students. You will work under the direction of the classroom teacher and be expected to assist with the implementation of instructional plans. The successful candidate will be ready to work with all students to promote educational, social, and emotional development. The ideal applicant will be caring, patient and understanding. The teaching assistant must be attentive to the unique needs of each student and be able to identify proper solutions when students encounter issues. You should have strong interpersonal skills, as you’ll be collaborating with other teachers, working with students, and talking to families

Responsibilities may include

  1. Assist with classroom instruction and provide support and guidance to students
  2. Maintain a supportive, safe and clean classroom environment
  3. Design and implement a classroom system to track student progress, and take steps to ensure academic progress is where it should be
  4. Supervise students during non-classroom time and arrange recreational activities
  5. Work closely with the head teacher to identify issues students are having and develop appropriate solutions
  6. Attend teacher meetings and training sessions, as well as parent-teacher conferences

We are seeking an individual that ideally has experience in the industry and is committed

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Teaching Assistant

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