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Dinner Lady/School Midday Assistant

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Job Description

You are to effectively supervise pupils during the lunch period, providing a continuous presence. To ensure the safety, welfare and conduct of pupils in accordance with school policy.

You are responsible for ensuring that lunchtimes are an enjoyable and safe experience for all the children, so that they are physically and mentally prepared to learn during the afternoon.

The responsibilities may include

  1. To be responsible for supervising a group of pupils in the dining hall and other parts of the school during the lunch period, helping to organise the dining area and playground space appropriately.
  2. To assist in the dining area and encourage good eating practices, ensuring safety with cutlery and courtesy towards servers and monitors
  3. To deal promptly with minor incidents, eg cleaning up food spillages
  4. To ensure all areas are left clean and tidy in accordance hygiene, health, and safety procedures

We are seeking an individual that ideally has experience in the industry and is committed

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Dinner Lady/School Midday Assistant

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