Steet Marshals are beginning to play a vital role in the night time economy in towns across the country. The Street Marshals provided by us always have their stakeholders interest at heart, as a progressive company, we are honoured to provide our skilled security operatives to the Maidstone Street Marshal Scheme.

When first approached to get involved in the Street Marshal Scheme the team at our company talked at length about how we could provide maximum value and serve the community in the very best way possible.

Collectively we believe that our primary responsibilities in the marshal’s role are to ensure that everyone has fun, stays safe and enjoys their evening. The team do this by working in a cohesive way with the other allocated caregivers and security personnel in the Maidstone night time community.

This approach includes supporting the Police, members of the public, Doorstaff, Urban Blue Bus and Street Pastors.

We believe that these services and groups are most effective when working together towards a common goal, this approach will ensure that going forward our Street Marshals are seen as a calming presence in town centres across Kent.


  • Assisting with vulnerable people
  • Helping to defuse small disturbances
  • Supporting the police and other security

Anyone who has been to a busy town centre on a Friday or Saturday night will understand that people descending upon busy taxi ranks in their numbers can from time to time cause flashpoints.

The Taxi Marshals provided by us are experts in diffusing these situations

A visible security presence at Taxi Ranks is proven to deter anti-social behaviour all staff provided by us are fully trained in conflict management and are highly capable when it comes to dealing with disturbances.

Taxi Marshals also ensure that any disagreements do not boil over and become major incidents which can cause danger to others. Another function of the Taxi Marshals provided by us is keeping revellers away from the road to prevent potential road traffic incidents.

The team are trained to help vulnerable people and can contribute to reducing the occurrence of serious crime. Our Taxi Marshals are always on the look out for unlicensed mini cabs or those causing an obstruction by stopping to pick fares up in unsafe areas.

We can help to ensure that the evening finishes in a calm and safe way feel free to get in touch to discuss how we can go about ensuring that revellers leave your town centre in an orderly, efficient and above all safe manner.

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