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AACS Desk Aid Amended July 2010

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The Learner Support Programme is a package of funds that help to remove finance as a barrier to participation in learning. The Learner Support schemes provide funding for learners to contribute to the costs incurred by participation such as living costs, books, equipment, travel and childcare. This resource outlines the support that is available for […]

How To Write A Winning CV

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A CV is a list of facts about you, your work history, your skills your qualifications. It is your own person company brochure, and its main job is to get an employer interested in you. A good CV is essential when looking for work and it is worth spending time getting it right so it […]

OLASS Directory

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The Offenders Learning and Support Service directory. Check through to see details.

Dealing with Redundancy

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If you’re going to be made redundant from your job, you should be treated fairly by your employer and there are certain steps they would be expected to follow. You may also be entitled to a redundancy payment.

Covering Letters

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Here are some useful tips on writing covering letters. Make your covering letters are as user-friendly as possible. Ensure what you are offering in terms of “unique selling points” stands out. Writing a letter is not always as straightforward as might be supposed.

Application Forms

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Many organisations and recruitment agencies use standard application forms (SAF) as a way of selecting people for interview. It enables them to get the information they require, rather than what you want to give them. A

Job Interviews

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If you have made it to a job interview typically you’ve done well to pass the first hurdle in getting a job! You now have the chance to meet the employer face-to-face and to convince them that you’re the right person for the job.

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Job Interviews

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