Why Anchor Healthcare?

Why Choose Us?

High quality candidates

Well trained and suitable staff

Short- or long-term contracts

Flexible availability

Affordable hourly rates

Who is Anchor Healthcare?

    1. We are a highly skilled team of not only healthcare recruiters but also hospitality recruiters based in East London, with over 9 years’ experience in the industry. We praise ourselves on recruiting and supplying only the best Domiciliary Care/ Care Assistants from across London and the UK.
    2. We work our absolute best to place candidates all across the UK, while maintaining our stance on affordable pricing but still maintaining the upmost highest quality.
    3. We have a large network of health and social care staff, that are a phone call away from supplying all your staffing needs. So, get in touch today and let Anchor Healthcare solve all your staffing needs today!

Why choose us?

    1. High quality candidates – adequate background checks, CQC approved supplier, and individually appraised to ensure the upmost quality.
    2. Well trained and suitable staff – our staff are adequately trained and have received Covid-19 training to help minimize the spread of Covid-19.
    3. Short- or long-term contracts – we offer flexible contracts, tailored to client needs
    4. Flexible availability – we pride ourselves on flexibility, and supplying staff even in the unlikeliest of events.
    5. Affordable hourly rates – we strive to stay competitive, and ensure our rates are affordable
    6. Among many other reasons! Call us today to find out more….

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Why Anchor Healthcare?

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